Better Price When You Sell Old Mac Stuff

There is no doubt about it: the resale value of Apple products IS higher than gadgets and computers from other producers. Whether you look on eBay or national sites, the trend is clear. You may be paying a higher price when you come in, but you also get a higher resale price when you move on to new equipment.

There is a huge problem in getting rid of ‘normal’ smartphones. People want iPhones. 🙂

Let’s face it. Apple has been hugely successful in branding their smartphones. They are in a totally unique position when it comes to the market for reselling on all websites. You can of course recycle your smartphone from other manufacturers through the recycle centers so that precious metals are taken out in an environmentally good way. But most of the time, you actually have a useful smartphone from less known manufacturers as LG, and they are not the ones who get the best bids.

So from an economic perspective, it might be useful to consider buying one of the better iPhones, so you can get a good price once new versions are released. 🙂

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