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Henrik V Blunck

Some Benchmarks WorthLESS

I need your attention if you’re going to understand the subject. Not that what I write is difficult to understand, but much rather because what you are about to read is going to boggle your mind.

NetNewsWire – Now FreeWare…

NetNewsWire is a magnificent newsreader, and though I previously used Mozilla Thunderbird for RSS feeds you might want to consider NetNewsWire if you need a different graphical user interface or simply just want a bit of new look and feel.

Shrink Your PDF Files

Anyone that works professionally with PDF-files – whether in releasing your own e-books or when you send documents to people you don’t want to have the original word processing or spreadsheet files – will be familiar with file sizes. For download of e-books even a small decrease in file sizes can have a gigantic effect […]

Apple Gains 14 Patents

Ranging within the iPod, iPod Shuffle, iPod dock, MacBook & MacBook Pro notebooks, Apple’s QuickTime Player and others, 14 patents have been granted between January 1st and 8th 2008. You can read more about these patents in the blog article at http://www.macnn.com/blogs/?p=481

iPhone Success – No Surprise

As I have written previously, we plan on acquiring the Apple iPhone both of us. Previously my wife was a virtual fanatic about having a cellular from Nokia. I have always liked Sony-Ericsson more, although I do admit that their little “joysticks” have been rather troublesome to use with large fingers…

Amazing Resource For Your Mac

If you have ever needed a good all-round resource URL to keep track of freeware for your Mac, one source I would recommend is: http://www.freemacware.com/

Thunderbird Rocks…

All who know me are familiar with my being honest at all times. Some may have thought my enthusiasm about Macs is one-sided. Nothing could be further from the truth, because THIS will be the first negative about something already installed in the MacOS X Operating System, but also an immediate solution to the problem.

Now Officially a Mac-User

Finally the day dawned upon the family. Well, my wife isn’t yet accustomed to the Mac, but I am trying to help her all the way. A few programs were in English and she definitely prefers Danish, so I am making good efforts, but: the wait was definitely compensated with a positive surprise.

Shipped Off Today

What a tremendous feeling. Shipping off today – and shipment should arrive approximately on November 20th 2007. We are truly on our toes – curious as never before. Things are being backed up and made ready for good and speedy transit.

Final Countdown…

What a tremendous feeling it is to have finalized payment for iPods and MacBooks. The waiting period from payment until delivery should be about three days. Three LONG days when one feels like a little kid awaiting a birthday gift… 🙂