Apple TV Rocks!

I must say I am amazed by the Apple TV I judt bought. It is truly an amazing gadget. Not only is it small – fits in any living room – but it’s also a product I wish I had bought a long time ago.

Here in Denmark we have different sources for different tv channels. Things are set in such a way that when you say news in English people either think of BBC or CNN. A very narrow perspective on news. A few years ago you could get Fox News, which I actually enjoyed because it gave a bit of variety on news cmpared with what was available elsewhere. Bloomberg is still available with some tv service providers, but for the first time EVER I could enjoy watching WSJ [Wall Street Journal] live… Quite a nice thing when I hadn’t been able to do that ever before. 🙂

Apple TV provides even more. Once you have come through the initial installation phase, you get a chance to log into your YouTube account, and can now watch your own videos – or those from others – on a real 32″ television. Truly amazing when compared with either a portable laptop or even a iMac.

You also get a variety of radio channels – all accessible from the remote which is as intuitive as all Apple products always are.

The most amazing part was the price. 929 Danish Crowns amounts to about 200 American $. Including VAT – and free shipping since I also bought the iPad.

Now, some would wonder why I’m not reviewing the iPad immediately, but I want to get a feel for it, and compare it with my iPhone before I begin describing all the things you can do with an iPad. I think you, my dear readers, deserve a thorough analysis before I write that review.

But, already, the Apple TV has surprised me. Even the size of the small box is incredible in itself. Just over an inch in height – about five inches in length and width is incredible. You are literally up and running in minutes. So fantastic, and I never cease to be amazed by how well all their products are designed. Both style and packaging is a real treat for the customer.

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