Apple Products Rock!

There is no doubt about the fact that Apple products rock. A few days ago I became the lucky owner of an iPod Touch when a colleague of mine got his brand-new iPhone 3GS. As all blog readers know, I am an avid fan of Apple products, and as I get to know their various programs I become more and more impressed.

Even such a thing as ripping your own music-cds to get music to your iPod is something that is FREE when you use Apple’s own iTunes. When you look for programs for the world of pcs there are a lot of manufacturers who will only allow “demo” versions – and then they expect you to pay for something as easy as mp3-ripping…

As I have gotten to know Apple products for over almost three years, I am constantly impressed with the higher quality of service. Whenever my wife turns on her MacBook, everything runs smoothly. Our kids iPods work nicely, and everything is a breeze.

No technical challenges whatsoever. Could anyone say the same about Windows-pcs? I think not!

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