Apple Has a Customer Service Problem Indeed

Apple has a customer service problem indeed. We have had our share of problems in getting Apple to recognize the problem with the front of one MacBook 13″ – as recounted here previously. You can read about it in the article Limited Warranties.

Apple boasts to deliver high-end products, but many people have been VERY happy they bought extended guarantees, because their products don’t always live up to the elevated prices.

One of my good friends had a problem with his MacBook – and luckily they had signed up for extended warranty. His wife had a problem with a white iPod that got heat marks on the cover under the screen.
My wife’s MacBook also has a defective combo-drive, and it’s only now that the 2 years have passed that I can safely open the case myself. Apple would NOT recognize the drive-issue on any of our machines. Now I will have to exchange the drive myself…

Now, it seems there are smudge problems on iMacs also. You can read about the issue on Apple Discussions. [Update April 5th 2016: That page has now been taken down, so the link isn’t active any more.]

I love Apple’s products, but I must admit I am very worried about these issues because it seems we cannot rely on Apple to stand behind the 2 year warranty that the law requires in Denmark (and many other countries). Apple has decided to have a European office located outside of Denmark, but they DO business in Denmark, and therefore must back up their warranties in accordance with Danish laws.

If Apple isn’t very careful and attentive towards the word “customer service”, they might end up losing to clones such as the Joojoo or even Psystar.

Psystar has chosen to stop the sales while the court case is running, but – again – the customers are the losers. Apple should focus on what they are best at, instead of concentrating funds on court cases.

The fact is Apple can earn just as much from selling software for clones, and since they obviously have so many problems with parts of their hardware, they would save lots of time by not having to deal with customer complaints when their products ARE defective in so many cases within the two year period.

I will admit I am still a big fan of the Apple idea. The concept is great. But the lack of service towards paying customers p*sses me off, and I am not sure I will continue to buy original products if they continue to deal so badly with valid complaints.

Examples of tweets about Apple customer service:

From @demib: “Never buy Apple iMAC – the screen cloud up and Apple are arrogant (as usual) about it. iMac is just a very shitty product! Pure robbery”
My reply: “@demib I like Apple’s products, but I agree: customer service is foreign to them – and they MUST give 2 year warranty to sell in Denmark.”
@demib‘s reply: “Did you see a smudged up iMAC? It really sucks and Apple won’t accept it is their fault. No other screens do this!”
And his reply to another person: “@goerlitz […] Apple need to live up to the law and replace faulty products. They don’t”

From @bizfeedback: “When I send complaints to Apple, the ‘thank you’ page says “Thank you for your submission.” I don’t like submitting to Apple…”

From @morb01: “0.085 BBC News – BBC investigates iPhone complaints apple disgust me”

From @mesul: “@Scobleizer Heard many complaints about Apple warranties? I’ve had a shocker of a time (first G5 tower, now iPhone…) Cust. service sucks!”

In short: the trend is clear. Apple IS disregarding their customers, and they need to get their warranties straightened out. Otherwise, the end result may be a major lawsuit against Apple – and it’s one they are bound to lose because the rules are so obvious all other computer manufacturers understand, and abide by, these…

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