Apple 5c and 5s – What’s Going On?

The recent release of iPhone 5c and 5s is surprising to say it mildly. I have read Isaacson’s biography on the late founder, Steve Jobs, and I must say I didn’t see this one coming. iPhone 5c may attract a market that couldn’t previously choose to buy an iPhone. But was this step the right step? Time will tell.

When you have something as exclusive as the Apple brand, you want to attract a certain type of customer. Previously, you would attract people who COULD pay what quality cost, and now that seems to change. We all know that the biggest complainers are those who pay the least for a product. Their expectations all too often supersede their willingness to open their wallets.

I am not quite sure what Steve would have done, but I am quite sure he would have been very mad. Plastic didn’t quite seem to be his biggest preference. He was known for trashing an entire series if even just ONE detail didn’t live up to HIS expectations of an Apple computer, so it would seem rather strange that such a principle would be introduced after his all too early demise.

It seems stocks have dropped after the release, so I don’t expect I am the only one bewildered by this… 🙂

What are your thoughts on this?

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