Greetings From a Happy Mac-User

Regular readers will have noticed that I do love Macs. Love IS a big word, and I’m not talking about the kind of love you have for your partner or your children. I am talking of the kind of elation you feel when you have spent many years trying to solve numerous problems on Windows-platforms, and then come over to a platform that simply just works.

Well, there was a transition period. Just the fact that you hold down the <SHIFT> key while you mark the files you want to copy instead of the <CTRL> key. Or the fact that you should drag files instead of cut and paste – at least in Finder… Those little details remind you of how Windows-based one can become.

Likewise, from Linux, I had developed a certain keenness for prompts. It seems somewhat strange that everything can be administered very leisurely using the mouse and only one single mouse button.

Everything works, and that is truly a blessing. Machines may be marginally more expensive in purchasing them, but software is priced equally between Windows and MacOS so that won’t be a problem. Likewise, the Open Office suite is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS alike.

You, the user, is at the centre of the soft- and hardware universe, and that is a good path towards success. Especially when you choose an Apple Mac. And that is my honest appraisal – not any form of paid review. But it is true that Mac-users are happy people.

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