Big Businesses – Dangers in Becoming Too Big

Big businesses are often vulnerable. Once they become big businesses, something strange tends to happen. We saw it with Big Blue (IBM), we’ve seen it with Microsoft, and probably we are also seeing the trend entering the Apple business.

The distance between clients and corporate leadership becomes too big.

It’s a dangerous path. I’ve mentioned it before on this blog when I talked about the warranty times being too short when we compare Danish law with the single year warranty – and Apple doesn’t really care.

It’s a real shame because I still firmly believe Apple produces some great products. But it is not okay that you have to purchase their Apple care plan to achieve what you are already entitled to according to standard Danish buying laws…

So my patience is running thin when it comes to recommending their products, and I firmly believe they need to take things more seriously if they want to continue doing business in this country. But my guess is they aren’t listening – and even if they were, they don’t care. It’s only once customers take a stand by purchasing products from elsewhere that they begin to see a need for change. In the meantime the really big losers are those stuck in warranty disputes.

What a terrible thing to have the best products, but one of the worst positions once it comes to after-sales service…

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