French VAT Rates Increasing In 2012

According to news tonight from TV5 Monde, the French VAT rates will be increased from 5,5 to 7-9% for restaurants and labour such as carpentry etc.

Seeing this from a Danish perspective – where we pay the maximum VAT rate of 25% on ALL goods, this is no problem. But obviously the French people are cautious towards this.

It is a fact that the Greek crisis, with potential dangers of both Spain and Italy also having fundamental economic challenges is worrying to say the very least.

It is challenging for the Eurozone that this crisis has hit so hard, but we need to get an optimistic approach to things to get past this temporary setback…

We need to consider the road ahead, and I’m confident France is well equipped to this minor change. They won’t lose any tourists over this, so it should be a mild setback to pay an average of 100-120€ per person extra to come across this small hurdle.

I will be writing more about this lovely country in the weeks ahead so stay tuned. 🙂

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