Economic Crises

Danish experts have lately been talking about Danes taking much cheaper vacations as a result of the economic crises all around the world. I believe it is short-sighted to compare Bulgaria with France – just as an example. Here’s the reason why.

If you go to a discount destination such as Sunny Beach in Bulgaria you can learn more about this destination from The Sunny Beach FAQ – one among many sites with the same message. Corruption, crime and tragedy is all over the place when you run a Google search for that place.

Who would ever have the indecency to compare that with a nice destination such as Paris, Cannes or Côte d’Azur? There is, after all, law and order in France, and you don’t have any of the same problems in that country.

Therefore, when you hear people talk badly about a more expensive vacation, think about the fact that ONE GOOD VACATION EACH YEAR beats having two-three lousy vacations in an area that doesn’t provide mental stimulation and relaxation. You can feel more relaxed in a comfortable environment, so I would recommend ONE good vacation per year instead of cheaper ones.

Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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