Video Impressions from France

Some nice videos from Val de Loire – one of the truly most beautiful areas we enjoy visiting:

Amboise and Leonardo da Vinci

Amboise and Leonardo da Vinci are irrefutably linked. The artist and inventor spent the last years of his life here. He lived in Le Clos-Lucé, a country house just outside the centre. He is said to have been buried in St Hubert’s chapel at Château d’Amboise. The country house is open to the public. It contains reminders of da Vinci and there is a small exhibition. St Hubert’s chapel is one of the most beautiful chateau buildings and was spared after the loss of the chateau.
A castle we have decided to visit next time we arrive in France – in 2009.

For those with good sense of humour, I thought it funny also to share this regarding the debate about cork vs. screw-cap for wine bottles:

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