Looking Forward to France

I hope some of you readers are preparing for vacations in France this year. We have made a decision to wait until next year due to my wife Henriette turning 30 in October. I miss France, and I do apologize for not having written since June 4th, but hope you enjoy the fact that I only write when there’s something new and useful to tell. It would be wrong to clutter this blog with useless information when you should be getting high quality content when you follow MY blogs.
Enjoy summer, the sun and one another. 🙂

Want REAL Luxury You Will Remember For Long?

Whether you’re going to France, Costa Rica or Thailand, there is one site that could help you rent a luxury vacation you will remember for long. See more in this video below, and visit their site at: http://www.freewebs.com/vacation-rentals-luxury/.

We personally prefer more modest and more personal accomodations, but thought it was nice to share what real luxury is also available if you want to give a present to people who might otherwise be difficult to shop for. 🙂

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