I fully understand that some may want to give it an extra 20-30 kilometers on long straight lines on the motorway. Everyone plays a bit with perhaps 130 even in areas where a limit of 110 is set. The fact that everyone does it is no excuse, however. But it does explain we all can do that.

What I cannot, and will not, tolerate is the stupidity involved when motorcyclists take it upon themselves to act as their own lawmakers. Some are tempted by platforms such as YouTube into “showing off”, and sometimes total disregard for fellow man/woman is so foolish one has to state an opinion. This the movie I’m referring to:

Having three kids ourselves the issue of speed has become somewhat different – especially in situations where kids are in the car and someone tries to pressure you. When you’re already running some 90-95 on roads where 80km/h is the speed limit, the results could be even worse IF someone in front of oneself suddenly brakes.

History is full of stories about people overlooking something, but when you only have 5-10 meters to the car in front of you time IS important because a car moves 20 meters per second. When you want to overtake another car keep a decent distance and do what you have to do. But don’t ever let others get in danger just because you aren’t mature enough to maintain a license.

Soon, summer. Summertime was introduced this saturday night, actually, so things are going in the right direction… 🙂

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