Winter Is A Good Time To Plan Your Vacation

In another connection I was reviewing materials for both Crete (Greece) and France, and was reminded that some of my blog readers might be interested in becoming inspired from a book or two. Those who know me will remember that I do enjoy saving money, and that in that connection I especially enjoy saving money while also saving the trip to the bookstore.

Most bookstores don’t have the books I am looking for anyway, so most of the time the quickest way is actually to go to Amazon to find the books needed, pay through credit card, and lo and behold you have the books delivered straight to your door while both saving money and saving you considerable time in explaining what you need.

In Denmark many bookstores are rather annoying because they prefer handling Danish books, and oftentimes these are less detailed than their English, French or German counterparts. So if you haven’t yet visited Amazon, why not give it a try? In this winter period it can be rather nice to think forward to your summer vacation.

Good luck.

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