France – Nothing Like It

You have no doubt heard this before. It’s just like some Germans who prefer Spain, some Italians who enjoy the US, some Britons who enjoy Malta or Greece. We, as Danes, love France. We know that many of our peers go to either Spain, Greece or Italy, but our love goes towards enjoying summers in France.

As you may have read when I started this blog, my background contains 11 years of french schooling, so in that domain everything is rather self-evident. There is no language barrier. Also, our kids are very responsive to learning French words, so I have no doubt whatsoever they will take up French in school. My niece, Mette, has already decided she will take French after she was with us this summer.

This “Je ne sais quoi”

The heading is “This I don’t really know what”, meaning that there is a certain ingredient that doesn’t let itself be explained in words. It’s a magic sense – a passion that you can feel. Gut feeling I think is the word for Americans.

That magic ingredient cannot be described in words. It must be experienced. I will be reviewing a few books you might enjoy getting if and when you plan your summer vacations for 2008.

Feel free, as always, to comment or ask any questions that come to mind in the Comments field. I listen to what YOU want to read more about… 🙂

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