Amazing Memories

It truly was special to visit the Parc Asterix, and it has been quite fun to see our first son, Patrick, running around with Obelix. He sure remembers being photographed with that big guy. We will be returning to the Parc Asterix again. Very definitely.

The weather was poor but the activities were excellent, and therefore it was certainly a great pleasure also to take the raincovers with us. Those blue plastic covers remind us of a nice vacation.

My wife and I also reminisced when she watched the series about the bachelor choosing his future wife because this year the setting was indeed Paris. Driving through, she commented that “there is no better place to fall in love.” I would agree. Paris has everything. It is definitely the crown city of Europe. Very beautiful indeed.

Stay tuned. We are preparing the photos for soon-coming release. 🙂

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