Computers are essential in every aspect of our lives. We need them at work, school, business, recreation and a lot more. Because of this importance, you will virtually find every household equipped with PCs or laptops. Since this device is important in our day to day activities, keeping the computer in excellent shape is a must. But since this is regularly used, computers would start to malfunction and result to slow Windows XP if you use a PC. There are actually several reasons why computers start to slow down its performance and how to resolve them.


For me, my Mac always runs well, but I can remember my years as a Windows user before I went over to using Linux. Since november 2007 I have had a MacBook and I will never change back to a PC. On the other hand, I have worked with PCs since 1987, so my expertise might as well benefit you as a Windows user. Your income greatly depends on the speed of your PC. When it goes down, you lose data, and therefore reading this article IS important for you. Stay tuned. 🙂

The very first cause of a slow PC XP is normally the registry. This is basically responsible for holding the entire computer system, hardware and the software preferences. The registry is damaged when it is infected with dirt hence cleaning is a must. This will not only free up space but registry cleaning would also solve some of your computer system’s errors that can give you computer problems in the near future. To clean the registry, you can find different cleaning registries in the market today. You just have to guarantee that what you will choose is updated and reliable. Cleaning your computer’s registry will do miracles on your computer’s performance and speed.

Spyware and viruses could also be one of the reasons of a slow Windows XP PC. Once surfing the web, you will eventually encounter viruses and spywares that would infect your PC. Staying out of the internet is not an option instead, you have to make sure that your computer is installed with a virus or spyware scanner in order to prevent any virus infection. These spyware/virus scanner will clean and delete all these harmful viruses that could cause havoc to your computer’s entire performance. Do not settle for any substandard anti-spyware as this won’t help you in increasing your computer’s speed. What you need is a good quality antivirus that can do great wonders for your PC. This computer trouble must be immediately solved as this could not only slow down your Windows XP but also put your computer to a complete halt.

Also, your computer’s slow performance could be caused by too little memory. As computer breakthroughs happen, more and more computer programs need more RAM in order for the computer to run smoothly. A computer equipped with sufficient RAM is a must in order to let your computer perform its topnotch shape. Adequate RAM is also important especially if you are running multiple programs at a time. A computer with a Windows XP operating system can usually run with a 512 MB of memory. But if your computer is equipped with many programs and applications, it needs at least twice as much as RAM in order to perform faster (1Gb). The price of RAM has dropped considerably in recent years, so this part of the cure is somewhat nicer than in previous years when RAM was much more expensive.

There are still many other factors that could slow PC XP however the above mentioned factors are the most common. These three — a corrupt registry, spyware, viruses and inadequate memory — are the factors that you should be mindful about in order not lose your computer’s speed.
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