What You Can Learn From Online Games

Are you on Facebook? Stupid question, you might think. “Everyone’s on Facebook” you might be thinking, but that isn’t true — yet. According to one source there are over 150 million active users, but there are 1300 million users of the internet estimated globally. So somewhere above 10% are on Facebook.
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ARE You Productive?

In continuation of my article from December 9th 2008 entitled “Being Productive” I thought I would take a few moments to ask you: have you BECOME more productive? Do you employ the tips you have learned? Have you seen the growth accumulated from this?
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Your Affiliate Commissions Are Being Stolen

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Do You Know The Background of Twitter?

There are several ways you can learn more about the background of Twitter. I would suggest one of the following methods:

  • Articles
  • A Video
  • Coming Soon in a bookstore near you: “Twitter Power” by Joel Comm

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“Something Is Rotten in the State of Denmark”

Marcellus has this declaration in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”, and it holds true even to this very day.
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Welcome Back

Welcome back. Happy New Year everyone.
A clean slate has been given to each and every one of us. You now have a unique opportunity to start from scratch. Well, you still have content from the past year(s), but now is the time to BUILD upon the foundation you have laid. Are you happy about the chances of making money online? Looking forward to dealing with lots of clients? Looking forward to serving your audience with some nice content they can all benefit from?
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Don’t Work Anymore This Year

Shut down what you’re doing. Quit. Stop. Don’t work anymore this year. What you have done amounts to the actual results for the year 2008. You may have a few banner ads running the year out but take stock now. Whatever rolls in between now and 2009 can be checked when you take final stock on January 1st 2009. 🙂
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How Many Friends Can You Have?

How many friends do you have? Should we look at our Facebook profile to consider all 143+ people friends? How about Twitter where nearly 100 people follow my short messages — so-called Tweets — or is friendship something else?
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The Sky’s The Limit

The sky’s the limit, IF you are ready and willing to take good care of your online business. You CAN achieve good results if you accept good advice and take it to heart by implementing it in your personal business. But you MUST be prepared to LISTEN to the little details that could indeed make the big difference.
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Internet Marketers: Beware

As I originally wrote in my e-book “Making Sense of Internet Marketing Chaos” it’s sad to behold that some STILL commit the same errors. Recommending products far and wide within the select same 15 people. One big “old boy network” where opportunities are granted on a “person recognized” or “persona non grata” level — all of it based upon who knows whom and who owes what favor to whom.
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