What’s a Ping-List?

“What in the world is a Ping-list?” may be your initial thought when you start in the field of online business and blogging. You can see all sorts of places that advertise effective ping-lists, yet you might have wondered why some of them don’t work. Let me tell you why some of them don’t work.
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Don’t Put All Eggs Into One Basket

It is very important to change your focus in this time of crisis. When one element drops a bit you can earn back what has been lost from other income types. You should look at the overall income to get a proper perspective on your earnings. Even income resulting from indirect sources. Your online presence could cause you to get more orders for webdesign, writing or translation assignments or other forms of related income.
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E-books In Print

Some people have asked whether they could get e-books in print. Actually, it IS possible. Print-on-demand services such as Lulu can deliver single copies as you sell your e-books. [You could even print e-books you buy by uploading the PDF and requesting a personal copy to “test” whether the print is fine. Such can be done at a very fair price, and is highly useful when you have a 300 page e-book which you might not want to read on screen.]
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Deeds vs. Intentions

Many have good intentions. They want to achieve everything, and all their intentions have one flaw. Have you guessed the flaw? They don’t end up in deeds. They are never realized. Everything is potential, possibility and opportunity. But an opportunity missed may NEVER return. When intentions don’t result in deeds, it’s pointless.
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What Do You Prefer – Honesty or Lies?

An interesting question: “what do you prefer – honesty or lies?” Why would I ask that question. Truth and honesty would be the automatic reply from many. But DO YOU WANT the truth?
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What You MUST Know

There are some things you MUST know about internet marketing to get the RIGHT results. What are these things? What do YOU need to succeed?
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Three types of Twitter Users

I feel there are three general types of Twitter users. I know there is some generalizing in dividing people into groups, but I think you will agree after reading this article. I feel the majority would belong into one of these three types of Twitter users — call them groups if you wish:
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Making Money Online — Changing Your Mindset

Making money online requires that you change your mindset. If you get discouraged by minor setbacks you run a high risk of becoming disillusioned. But if you look at blogging, affiliate marketing, Adsense finetuning as a long-term activity you will get much better results.
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What You Need Most: Visitors or Buyers?

You need to ask yourself the question: “What do you need the most: visitors or buyers?” It’s important to know the difference between the two. Each can be monetized in very different ways.
Sit down with a good cup of coffee or tea and listen.
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Learn From First Dispute

I want to bring some information so you can learn from the first ever dispute I initiated through PayPal. I never thought ANYONE would ever dare challenge PayPal since there are numerous proofs they WILL terminate accounts when people defraud others using their payment system. Even the least suspicion may be enough, and this is – of course – good for us as users since we know we can get our money back…
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