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Action – The Difference Between Ideas, Dreams and Results

You can get a lot of good ideas. You can have large dreams about the future. But you won’t see any results before you begin taking action. Whether you want to create the next big app that will spread like viral wildfire, you need good ideas, and you need to think careful so that you […]

You Need a New Global Perspective

There is a huge tendency for many to focus on global events from an old-fashioned global perspective. We all know the internet is a reality, yet we fall into the trap of marketing from a physical perspective of our globe. You need to change that, so you can improve your earnings.

Reaching Your Goals for 2016

Are you aiming at reaching your goals for 2016? What goals have you set? Have ypu added to your accumulated results in years back – or is 2016 your first year? There are two possible conclusions, and mine may be one you can recognize. You will reach your goals You will not reach your goals

Why Struggle With List Building? There IS a Better Way…

Why should you struggle with list Building? There is a better way, and many have hidden this from you for many years. The secret can be yours for free when you read this article.

Five Months Left of 2014

As we start the month of August, there are now only five months left of the year 2014. Have you taken my last article to heart? Did you start pushing yourself ahead? Did you achieve some good results, or did you begin looking at banner ads from a new perspective now that I brought bringing […]

Do You Push Yourself Ahead?

Sometimes, in fact for some very often, we forget to push ourselves ahead. We are so good at motivating and inspiring others, and yet we forget ourselves. It’s a rather strange tendency. We are so good at serving ourselves a treat and when there is something in it for ourselves.

No Wonder Internet Marketing Has a Bad Name

The lengths to which some Internet marketers will go to earn a buck proves it’s no wonder Internet Marketing has a bad name. Some e-mails are really too stupid to be even believable. Sorry for being so blunt, but I MUST speak my mind on this. When I get an e-mail from a person who […]

Did You Listen to My Advice on January 1st?

Did you listen to my advice on January 1st 2012 in the article “2012 – Begin Your Journey Towards Online Success“? One thing I forgot to focus upon, which I will do in this article was the need for optimizing for mobile browsers. If you don’t have your own smartphone, iPad or other way of […]

Easy Video Press – Supercharge Your Blog

Easy Video Press IS the product you need to supercharge your blog by turning it into a video cash machine.

New Strategy Needed

As regular readers alredy know, my Google Adsense account was shut down. My regular income from this area, and all accrued yet unpaid earnings were gone – without any possibilities for any appeal since Google could never make any mistakes. The suspicion of potential click is enough, and if YOU use Adsense as part of […]