Facebook Ads – There Is a Better Way

As all of you who have read this blog know, I recently left Facebook – and haven’t missed it one bit. In fact both my Twitter and Instagram profiles are growing, and I see no reason to change that. If you haven’t read about this, I highly recommend you read my e-book The Book Facebook Doesn’t Want You to Read which is available for US$1 right here: http://www.blunck.dk/facebook. But more than just my personal decision to leave Facebook, you also need to know why Facebook ads can be a very costly way to attract more people to your landing pages.

You want an interested base of users. People who are interested in buying your products. You don’t want to pay for freebie-seekers, and you certainly don’t want to profile yourself where people aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

Consider your current budget. If you’re spending 5-600$ per month (or more), you would get a much better investment by writing articles on an article database. When you spread your articles there, which could even have been outsourced to someone ready to write articles for you that are good enough to be submitted and approved, you can easily get 20 articles that are targetted towards your niche, and which can work miracles for you at half the cost even if you buy the services of a ghost writer.

I have written countless articles all over the internet – and they are bringing in clicks to my landing pages at no cost whatsoever for me. That seems much better than a shortsighted Facebook ad costing you money each month.

Good luck. 🙂

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