You Need a New Global Perspective

There is a huge tendency for many to focus on global events from an old-fashioned global perspective. We all know the internet is a reality, yet we fall into the trap of marketing from a physical perspective of our globe. You need to change that, so you can improve your earnings.

The Britons voted against remaining in the European Union a couple of days ago. Elections were closed so late that we didn’t get the result until Friday morning – at least here in Europe. Time zones did get the news to our American friends somewhat earlier, as you may have seen.

But guess what? The internet is still the same. There are no boundaries to marketing online. It is ONE big marketplace, so why bother worrying about political news, when our focus should in fact be on potential rather than limitations?

You may of course experience fluctuations in your exchange rates when you keep money in the ‘wrong’ currency, but that is a physical limit we couldn’t ever get away from, unless we begin looking at internet currencies, which would make it rather difficult to convert into ‘real money’… It’s part of the game if you had kept a £.st. balance. I think many have chosen to keep their money in either US.$. or €. 🙂

However, my goal is not to turn political or mainstream news, but much rather to encourage you to dare dream bigger, and begin thinking of your marketing online from a new level. Best of luck. 🙂

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