Reaching Your Goals for 2016

Are you aiming at reaching your goals for 2016? What goals have you set? Have ypu added to your accumulated results in years back – or is 2016 your first year?

There are two possible conclusions, and mine may be one you can recognize.

  • You will reach your goals
  • You will not reach your goals

I will be honest with you. I haven’t reached my 1st quarter monetization goals for the year. I know precisely the reason why I haven’t. I am currently looking for another job since I left my old one in October 2015, and I am starting a 5 week education in April. This is an investment in the future.

My e-book about leaving Facebook hasn’t sold even a single copy. Quite surprising, but I will survive.

It will be a year of reaching goals that don’t relate singularly towards making money online. 🙂

Your choices develop you as a human being, and that is very healthy because it ensures you bring positive karma to people surrounding you.

So when you begin setting goals for the future, my best advice is to remember to set both personal and economic goals. Your personal goals may be just as important as I can conclude in my personal life.

Feel free to comment how 2016 has been, and will be, for you. I am curious as to getting to know my readers. Feel free to share. 🙂

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