Financial Trends: Investing in Diamonds

Historically, it has been a trend to place money in gold or silver. That is actually one of the reasons the gold bar was invented, weighing 12,4 kg, but they also created the kilobar for investment purposes whereas the larger bar was for national banks. You can learn more about gold bars on Wikipedia. Similarly, a new trend is investing in diamonds, and now you can learn how to invest in diamonds.

I suggest you read the article I have linked to because it gives all the pros and cons of investing in diamonds. It points out the obvious in the sense that real estate has recently proven to be a very volatile market after the recent financial crisis. Unlike other physical materials, diamonds can be enjoyed in far more fun ways than figures on a bank account statement.

Marilyn Monroe sang the world-famous song Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, and there is no doubt your partner will enjoy having a nice ring with one of your diamonds to enjoy for parties and get-togethers – and why not invest in something that is both fun AND sound economic stewardship? The advice given in the article has at least provoked some interest in setting aside part of my retirement fund in diamonds since I lost quite a bit of money in stocks during the crisis.

Since everyone needs wedding rings in the future, investing in diamonds can easily be monetized once you need to capitalize your investment. An obvious reason to at least consider such an investment.

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