Sell Your E-books

There is no magic in writing an e-book. It’s actually just combining a lot of words into a certain context. The important aspect is in SELLING your e-book.

How Do You SELL Your E-book?
E-books don’t sell themselves. You need to market your e-book, either on your blog or using social medie, in your signature in e-mails and maybe by creating a video explaining your e-book. An often overlooked aspect is to get a review of your e-book.

The opinions of others about your project is important. There is a lot of trash on sale on the internet. Let it be said straight away: as it has become much easier to set up your own website, there is a lot of stuff you can’t trust. It can literally cost you a fortune buying e-books that DON’T live up to normal quality expectations we all have towards things we buy.

This has caused serious e-books not to sell big because there are a lot of skeptics out there. They would rather pass all e-books than take any chances. Reviews could play a big role in changing that, because an independent opinion and assessment of the product offers visitors a chance to see what they are actually buying.

Therefore, my advise to would-be authors is to get a review of your e-book. It pays in the process of getting your e-book sold.

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