Google Adsense

I have been running Google Adsense ads for more than seven years – without any single black hat tricks used on any site whatsoever. Nevertheless, I too have now seen my account disabled because of potential violations. Potential violations?

Get real, for heaven’s sake!

I have always run Adsense ads in separate widgets, and have always been very alert towards never encouraging clicks at any time whatsoever. Nonetheless, I could go through an appeal using their online formula.

I guess there’s just another way to settle this, and that is to move to other ad networks. 🙂

It is far too time-consuming to list the numerous blogs in both Danish, English and French. I do prefer spending the time needed on writing new articles for you dear readers to enjoy rather than filling out online forms.

Furthermore, it might just have been the kick needed to rethink the whole ad perspective anyway. It is annoying that you cannot trim the target definition on such ads anyway…

Whether others continue in the Google Adsense program is their choice, but as we say in Denmark it’s no shame to leave when you are no longer welcome. Stay tuned for more articles on earning money online.

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