Earning Money Online – Facebook CAN Bring Money to You

When I wrote the article “Let 2012 Be Your Year of Success” I wrote something special about Facebook that you very probably overlooked. I wrote:

many have forgotten this because they waste too much time playing with their Facebook games to even notice. You need the right focus on social media, but don’t let it become a waste of time and energy. Make a concentrated effort of announcing new blog articles, but get the ball rollin’ by also getting involved on Twitter.

I had anticipated comments to that post, but I want to rectify ONE very important thing many readers may have overlooked.

Many have stated “the money is in the list“, and many have found that handling spam IS a troublesome affair. Now, you can cut through all the noise in social media, and follow one immediate key to success when you want to be succesful in earning money online. Using Facebook the RIGHT way.

Before you implement this, you need to adjust your privacy settings so that comments you make to other people’s posts isn’t shown in your timeline. Because the key you will now hear about involves providing laser-targetted information when others need your products.

A friend on Facebook may be starting a diet, and you are selling an e-book about healthy food habits. What better way than to write a comment like: “Best of luck to you. Have you read the e-book [title]” providing a link to your sales page about the e-book?

If that person has even just 200 friends, and even just 10 people become interested, they may SHARE what you presented – and that starts a snowball effect.

This is a principle from the concept of viral marketing. But this is less obvious marketing, and shows a GENUINE interest for the person you are targetting. It’s one of the fundamental principles of social networking. Sharing and showing interest for your friends provides a unique opportunity to build credibility online.

Similarly, when you have over 500 friends [I have 562 when writing this as you can see right here: http://www.facebook.com/henrikblunck] who each have at least 100 friends, what you tell others may end up getting exposed to 50,000 people, and then 5 million, and the social network, Facebook, IS growing at incredible speed.

We know it’s not always that people share what you write, but since people have changed much of their e-mail habits due to spam, then you are getting DIRECT ACCESS to people’s attention sphere when you create content on Facebook.

Obviously, you should also write social content, but using Facebook to promote your products the right way is becoming a money earner.

That key could very well prove to be your best investment for the years ahead. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain from this… 🙂

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