2012 – Begin Your Journey Towards Online Success

Now that 2012 has officially begun, you should begin your journey towards online success. I know the feelings of doubts and skepticism. I was there in June 2007 when I began this blog – and numerous other blogs. You probably doubt whether YOU could actually make a real business all on your own.

You need to stop doubting – and get started.

There is NO OTHER way to convince you than to simply ask you to begin LISTENING to what I am telling you. The online market is growing at record speeds. Nowhere else can you get access to MILLIONS of readers. Nowhere else can you get started without a single cent on your pocket. In fact, you CAN get your first Google Adsense money transfer just by creating a Blogger account, and start writing TODAY.

Most people are confused about what niche to choose, but the answer is simple: choose something that interests and motivates you. Whether it’s fishing salmon or recipes, everything goes in the world of blogging online. All you need is content and some ads on your page to get you started.

Here in Denmark many shop owners saw their christmas sales drop considerably because of online marketing. Even 70 year old pensioners are starting to buy equipment online, and this trend is only going to grow.

Another important trend to watch is your WordPress theme. If you haven’t got your own smartphone like the iPhone, try watching your website using a friend’s smartphone. You need to be focused on mobile browsers in the years ahead. More on this in future articles.

As of now, I want to wish all readers a very Happy New Year. Remember that the right hand side has a plugin that shows recent comments. Start building links to your new websites by leaving a comment that is then included under Recent comments. Every effort you make today starts building your online success in the future, so get started today, before you forget.

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