Article Marketing – Be Inspired By Some Stats

When it comes to article marketing it is my hope that today’s article can inspire you, and therefore I have chosen to include some stats for you to consider where to put in some effort in the year ahead. 2011 is almost over, but if you get active now, 2012 can be your best-selling year ever. Listen carefully, and get to action.

I have long ago advocated the use of EzineArticles for articles you write on any given subject. You can see my profile on EzineArticles by clicking right here:

I have 292 live articles, and three coming in the days ahead. A total of 295 articles since I began writing on October 21st 2009. These articles have been read 46,190 times – an average of 158 pageviews per article. The top seven best performing articles have been read between 1,112 and 2,541 times.
Let’s convert that into money…

I sell one of the best e-books about how to prevent a divorce – called Preventing a Divorce. My articles on this subject have an average of 230 readings. I have written 8 of these – and sold over 50 of these e-books.

That amounts to almost 500$ – approx. 450$ when you deduct PayPal fees when you receive payments…

Where can you earn over 50$ per article elsewhere?

And let’s not forget that I haven’t even made any effort in announcing these articles – other than tweeting about each article as they were approved on EzineArticles

I can take it even further by participating in forums and on newsgroups with links to my salespage in the year ahead and multiply that sale. The effort made in writing the article is never lost since the article still gets pageviews.

Article marketing works. When you begin monetizing your efforts in this way you will discover this too, so get to work in your specific niche. The whole world is your sales potential, so why not get active RIGHT NOW, before you forget.

In fact, you can find the articles I have written when you click my profile and see the pattern I have used. Maybe this could inspire you to similar efforts.

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