Skepticism – Overcoming the Virus

The one type of virus that can destroy any business is skepticism. Skepticism is the easiest path when you see something that causes doubts. Oftentimes, internet marketers are guilty because they have inflated their sales, and thus their credibility suffered – causing skeptics to become even more doubtful about the online income business.

There are big businesses that have been “born” online. Amazon, Google and numerous others are just some of the examples. In Denmark we have had a big search platform that was sold for a couple of hundred million dollars – and even in a small country such as ours, ordering your pizza online has also become big business. The online calling service Skype is commonplace nowadays, and many use this system instead of trying to call “normal” phone numbers. You know when people are available because “Online” is shown next to people’s names…

All of the above would NEVER have been born if the people who got these ideas remained skeptics. You need to take action to get the process started and skepticism isn’t one of the motivating factors.

Imagine this: when you release a product (an e-book for example), you might get 50 sales the first day. But imagine when you set up an affiliate system – instead of paying for clicks through Adwords. If you can motivate just half of these customers to sell your product, and they make just two or three sales each. Then your fifty sales grow to 100-125 sales. When you accumulate sales from the rest of the week with new affiliates, all of this can add up to a lot of money indeed.

You might be skeptical about offering people 30, 40 or maybe even 50% of the unit price, but please do the math.

If you had to pay a certain price for each click through, you would still have to consider your conversion rates before you can begin counting your sales. When you run an affiliate system you don’t pay a single dime for visitors to your sales page. You ONLY pay for sales, and that gives you a win-win situation for all parties involved.

So next time you meet a skeptic, ask the person what he or she has actually accomplished. My guess is the skeptic didn’t try anything, because if he or she had done that, they would have been easily convinced that the internet IS the marketplace of the future. It already is for those taking action, and the numbers are growing.

So if you have been a skeptic, stop this virus. Skepticism won’t bring you anywhere, and you need to realize just how destructive skepticism will be for your success. Overcome this, and the road ahead will be paved with little successes, step by step. You CAN do this. Many others have already done it, so why couldn’t you do the same?

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