Expanding Your Niche — 3 Keys to Success

I will show you 3 vital keys to expanding your niche. I will cover 3 keys that are FREE to implement, yet can have a huge impact on both your traffic AND your online income as a result of using these keys to success.

  • Commenting on relevant blogs
  • Tweeting about the articles you wrote a comment on
  • Creating a guest blog post on good blogs

Commenting on Relevant Blogs
A relevant blog is an attractive blog with a new audience. There might be some that read both your blogs, but normally writing on another person’s blog will get you exposed to a whole new group of people.

Studies [however unscientific these might be… :-)] indicate that comments are among the most read on a blog. People are interested in feedback, and people read comments. Organic traffic comes as a result of people seeing your comments, and becoming curious as to who you are.

Even more importantly, search bots also crawl the internet, and your comments bring you backlinks to your own blog. Even NoFollow-blogs can bring backlinks as you will already know when you have a Google Alert on your name.

Well-written blog comments inspire people to investigate who you are, and if you have a couple of thousand readers on your own blog, you might quickly see a doubling of your regular readers when you write comments on maybe 5-10 blogs on occasion. Write when you are inspired so you get a good point across, and you will see regular growth in your own blog traffic.

Tweeting About Articles You Wrote a Comment On
When a blog article inspired you to comment, you might also want to share the article on Twitter. This does two things for you:

1. Gives search bots a good reason to visit the article you referred to, and consequently to index your comment.
2. Drives further traffic to relevant information that might be useful for your followers without having to write the same points that have already been written.

I have written about this principle in using Twitter in my article entitled “Twitter – Why Worry About Who Follows You Back?“.

If you are wondering about the specifics of SEO connected with Twitter, you might also want to read the article “The Influence of Twitter on SEO

Creating a Guest Blog Post on Good Blogs
One other way you can boost your online credibility is also by writing guest posts on other people’s blogs. You establish your name with the other person’s audience – and this could very well amount to a lot of traffic on a good blog.

When you are a friendly person who takes an active interest in other people, they are far more likely to accept a well-written blog post. Inspiration is the key, and by offering your services in that way, you can literally double your audience.

In Conclusion
Doubling, trebling or even quadrupling your regular audience isn’t anyway nearly as difficult as some would like you to believe. These keys you have just received work in the long term, and the last of these keys is especially attractive since your guest blog post will be online for quite a number of recurring visitors. If a blog owner runs the “similar post” plugin, you might even get readers who read your article as a result of it being mentioned in another blog post written by the original blog owner.

Getting traffic is easy when you’re willing to make an effort in sharing quality content with others, so get to work, and start building your own blogging empire. I have given you three keys to expand your niche for free. Converting information to success requires action, so the ball is in your corner.

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