399 Spam Comments

I must be doing something right. I am getting attention from somewhere, because 399 spam comments came forward in less than a week. Akismet had properly sorted all of this, but still it was quite amazing to see a quadrupling of spam comments within a month.

Some people are trying to get attention, and they will be STOPPED. I won’t ever open up this blog for an avalanche of offers for Viagra or long comments recommending villas sold as scams and many other ridiculous ideas that people think can pass through this blog.

Why, you might think…

That is easy to say loud and clear. I won’t destroy the value of this blog by allowing spam to blow up the number of comments. There are some 195 VALID comments, and I appreciate each of them — and in many cases I have added replies IN the comments field.

I like to get useful comments and feedback that can indicate what you like, what you dislike, what was really good and what was perhaps not quite as good. Such learning experience improves the blog, but spam could never do that.

What are your sentiments as a blogger as to all the spam people try to send on YOUR blogs?

Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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