More Good News Amid the Crisis

In the middle of April I wrote an article on my other blog on the subject of Earning Money Online entitled “Good News Amid the Crisis“. I have FURTHER good news in this time of crisis.

Adsense income was up 14.2% compared with the month of March – also 31 days. Banner income has been up 27% compared with the month of April. Overall income is starting to pick up…

Like I wrote in my article “Good Signs Amid Global Slowdown“, it’s important NEVER to give up. Keep doing the right thing. Keep focusing your attention on good products, and you WILL succeed.

On that note I would recommend you focus on a marvelous e-book “Preventing a Divorce” as it may help friends who may be having a rough period. Some lose their jobs, and lose their attention towards their spouses. You will even get full resale rights when you buy this e-book, and it will benefit you greatly – both personally and economically – to provide RELEVANT material for people in these times.

There’s nothing wrong in focusing on the right things. Who needs help when all is well? You need help when things may be tough, and that should be at the forefront of your mind when you want to build good results.

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