What Income Do You Want?

Let’s put you in a very special situation. You are at a job interview. I am your potential boss sitting in front of you. My first question to you is: “How much can YOU bring to our company?”

What’s your reply?

You might start off with experience, education, working hours etc. You continue to expand upon YOUR reasons.

Stay with me, and please do the logic as I offer you some questions. It’s essential to bring a point across. 🙂

Satisfied with your reply, I ask you: “What do YOU expect from US?”

This is YOUR chance to present what you want. The type of working hours, perhaps working from home during illnesses of children etc.

Next question is: “What salary do you want?”

What is your reply?

Turn The Table — Examine Yourself
Now, turn the tables. Examine your replies internally, and answer the question: “If you see the questions, and study your own replies, would you hire yourself?”

Are you being honest?

What does this exercise tell you? ARE you being an asset to your own potential in generating an online income? If you wouldn’t hire yourself with the answers you give and the claims you make it might be high time to check what you can do to improve your work ethics.

Don’t misunderstand. Nothing wrong with being lazy, or relaxing at times. But you must realize that there IS a cause for every single effect. WHEN your results are poor because you don’t make an effort, it might be worthwhile to CHANGE ALL THAT, and perhaps generate extra income by being more FOCUSED when you DO spend time trying to build your own business.

Stay tuned for more tips on this. I hope to have given you food for thought. NOW is the time to change your future.

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