Free Joint Venture — Carpe Diem…

Now is the time to seize the day [“carpe diem” is latin for seizing the day] if you want to get a free Joint Venture. I’ll extend a friendly hand to anyone that presents a good product and needs it marketed. I will review your product for free if you send a copy to me, and I will offer you good tips on how you should handle your marketing BEFORE releasing anything online.

I am not interested in any big guru materials, but would feel it was much greater fun to find a “nobody” and turn him or her into a “somebody” for all to see.

The question is: have you got what it takes to bring your product to the market? Running a Joint Venture right now could be that very important FIRST step you will look back on many years from now as your first big leap ahead. Come forward, and send an e-mail to me.

I look forward to helping YOU. Wait no longer.

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