How To Gain a Following From Comments

In this article I want to explain to you how you can gain a following from leaving comments on other people’s blogs. What you must remember is to make comments that BRING value to readers. When you write on their blog, you are a guest. You should treat this activity as truly IMPORTANT to bring followers to your own blogs.

Some essential rules:

  • When you read something thought-provoking thank the person who wrote it.
  • If you read something with which you disagree, offer some respectful feedback that will take the level up one step in communication on the subject. Don’t argue, but offer your opinion.
  • If you find something really valuable you can even ask if you may backlink to it, or you can Tweet about it. A short comment on Twitter saying: “I read a marvelous article about xxyyzz ==>” could go a long way in showing you have value to give when you release information.

Gaining followers is something that takes an effort, but the rewards are big when you DO take the time necessary to offer valuable feedback.

What people all too often do — that simply doesn’t work — is sending a worthless comment with a backlink to a video on YouTube telling someone is trying to sell a specific property. Such comments are spammy in nature and would NEVER bring any value to visitors. If you have property to sell, advertise it on the front page of your domain, but link to the domain in hope that visitors can find something interesting ON your domain front page instead. You can make money from suggestions but never forget that you are earning valuable backlinks. You MUST make an effort to gain the full potential from this powerful tool.

Good luck. 🙂

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