What’s a Ping-List?

“What in the world is a Ping-list?” may be your initial thought when you start in the field of online business and blogging. You can see all sorts of places that advertise effective ping-lists, yet you might have wondered why some of them don’t work. Let me tell you why some of them don’t work.

Stay tuned.

One list can be seen from this location: http://www.prelovac.com/vladimir/wordpress-ping-list. When you read the article it sounds like all it takes is to copy the list into your WordPress blog, and miracles will happen.

They won’t!

Here’s why: if you look at the WeBlogALot website you will find this important information:

[Update March 16th 2016: This graphic disappeared when Screensend.com went bust]

Read it carefully:

Please make sure your weblog is really in our database first!
How? For the first time manually ping us with the URL of your RSS feed.
The URL of your weblog will be read from your RSS. Then you can use the automatic way for a life time, simple 🙂

So IF you want things to work properly you must make an effort, and making full use of a ping list involves proper preparation. On the other hand once you’ve done this, the rest is automatic. Why not make an effort to get the full benefits of your time invested in your blogging project.

Carpe diem. Seize the day. 🙂

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