Learn From First Dispute

I want to bring some information so you can learn from the first ever dispute I initiated through PayPal. I never thought ANYONE would ever dare challenge PayPal since there are numerous proofs they WILL terminate accounts when people defraud others using their payment system. Even the least suspicion may be enough, and this is – of course – good for us as users since we know we can get our money back…

What happened?
I made two orders with what I thought was a reputable online music company. A few weeks apart I made an extra order even though I hadn’t yet received the first albums. The music I needed wasn’t available through Amazon, but was available on a website using PayPal.

“That’s fine by me” was my thought. I waited. A week too late I received the first two albums from my first order for three albums. And three to go in the next order. Well, I’m a patient guy, and since it was the x-mas season I thought there might be some problems getting everything ready. After New Year arrived I did however get somewhat annoyed because now the second order had been over two weeks standing as payment received but no shipment prepared. I sent the first kind reminder, the second kind reminder, and then thursday enough was enough. I sent an online claim where I made them aware that my next contact was to initiate a dispute using PayPal.

Only then I was somewhat surprised to receive a receipt that they had received my complaint on thursday but still no reply whatsoever. Ten minutes ago I filed my first complaint ever as a customer who is dissatisfied.

What Mistakes Did I Make?
When I placed the order I hadn’t checked the company adding the word “problems” in my Google search. Had I done that I would have found that I wasn’t alone in experiencing problems. So what is the best lesson from all of this? If you don’t know who you’re dealing with, run a Google search to see what that might bring up.

Don’t trust anyone if they don’t deserve it! Be a skeptic when needed. Check and test everything ’cause you’re going to get pretty annoyed having to wait for others to resolve matters that should have been settled long ago in a good and positive atmosphere.

Remember: trust is BUILT. It’s something we EARN when we deal DECENTLY with one another. That’s the best way to do business, both online and offline.

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