ARE You Productive?

In continuation of my article from December 9th 2008 entitled “Being Productive” I thought I would take a few moments to ask you: have you BECOME more productive? Do you employ the tips you have learned? Have you seen the growth accumulated from this?

Have you noticed how much more fun you’re having when you see the fruit of your labor in increased revenue? Have you noticed how much your own attitude affects your results?

Could you do even better? Be honest with yourself!

If you focus your critical eyes on your website and blog, could you find ways to improve both future administration and visibility? If not familiar with HTML, get acquainted with it, and see how greatly the fine-tuning of widgets in WordPress menus can affect your click through rates…

If you don’t know all the intricacies of WordPress you might want to read my article “WordPress Zero To Guru In No Time” presenting the product WordPress Unleashed which WILL add value to your blogs.

Remember that ACTION will determine whether 2009 can BECOME your best year ever… Carpe diem. 🙂

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