Your Affiliate Commissions Are Being Stolen

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t earning as high commission as other affiliate marketers? Even when readership grows and clickthroughs indicate that people have moved from one of your links then something IS wrong. “Exit pages” is the part of your webstatistics and weblog you will need to watch to see if you experience the same problem.

In fact, a study has shown that about 30% of sales are lost due to commissions being stolen. Some apparently dislike the idea of someone making a commission from their purchases. So they simply bypass your affiliate link and visit the site directly. Bang — another commission lost…

You Don’t Have To Lose Those Commissions ever again!

You need to employ advanced javascript techniques to protect your affiliate link and your page source.
Yes, I know most of us aren’t good at javascripting, but you can get help.

Luckily i just happend to come across software that not only protects your affiliate link but amazingly also makes sure that nearly every single visitor to your site gets your affiliate cookie the moment they arrive.
The visitor doesnt even come to know that she has arrived on a page that has your affiliate link embedded in it.

So it doesn’t matter if they click your link or not. If they end up buying, you get your commission.
Well don’t wait go check it out now!

Oh,and before i forgot – for today, they are giving you a free trial of this amazing software so you can try it out before you buy. So dont waste time, click the banner below.

Covert Affiliate- Your ultimate affiliate advantage

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