How Many Friends Can You Have?

How many friends do you have? Should we look at our Facebook profile to consider all 143+ people friends? How about Twitter where nearly 100 people follow my short messages — so-called Tweets — or is friendship something else?

I think you have already guessed I was going to say friendship is something else, because it’s also something more than just following your updates on social networks. Agreed, there can be friends on your social networks, but you can’t necessarily consider everyone friends, can you?

The funny part about social networks is that we spend a lot of time giving advice, giving content and relating with others. But have you noticed the type of Facebook-user that won’t really accept any friends? He/she wants to know where you found them etc. Guess what? On the internet everyone’s a potential contact, colleague or even competitor.

Be sure you treat social networks as they are meant to be. Places where you can share with others. Seasonal greetings. 🙂

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