Twitter Tools

There are some very nice tools around that can make your usage of Twitter even more effective. I want to recommend a few of these so you can benefit from this also. In that way I can share what I found when I saw these programs, and hope you may benefit from these also.


One such tool is Twilert which is very similar to Google Alerts. Google Alerts informs you about websites that mention products similar to your based on a number of key words you define when you create your Google Alert. You can do the same with Tweets from fellow Twitter-users using Twilert. You can subscribe by going over to their site which is:


TweetR is the utility you need when you want to upload files and send a link to these on your Twitter message board. You can just drag the file you want uploaded to TweetR and it will provide a short url to the file once it’s uploaded. Fascinating little program. Read more here:


TwitterFeed is one of my favourites that I just created. I am simply impressed by the fact that you can add your RSS to one single place and then combine it so your followers are updated every time you update your blog. You can read about TwitterFeed here:

Have fun, and remember to take action. The more you prepare for automatization the better your entire business will be running. Best of all, all 4 tools are FREE so why wait?

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