Being more productive is a key-factor if you want to increase your income. Already, many employers have long ago found that redesigning work procedures can work miracles in achieving improved performance for every salary dollar spent. Why should it be any different in your own business? Being self-employed means using self-discipline in the way you handle your business.

Stop kidding yourself! You probably feel like you spend countless hours researching and developing your site, but how often do you, honestly, find yourself passively watching websites roll by without any real results accumulated? Read every word ’cause this can have tremendous impact for your business. If you begin spending your hours on WORK rather than RECREATION you can minimize the amount of time you CALL work and thereby get a lot of extra leisure time.

Again, many employers KNOW this. It has been a fantastic chance to gain millions of dollars by restructuring. You should do the same for your business, and it should be your best free christmas gift all year. What you change now can become tremendous change for you and your online business during 2009.

Carpe diem. 🙂

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