Most would agree that making decisions is essential to running your own business. Have you asked yourself the question “How good am I at making decisions?” anywhere during the last couple of years?

Have you noticed any changes in the way you MAKE decisions today compared with a year or two ago? If yes, which? If not, why not?

You see the problem is we are very good at accumulating tons of e-mails. Just in case. We hear of Joint Venture opportunities but procrastinate. We aren’t really all that interested in the product, but we don’t press that Delete button. Why not?

What I am going to say to you is VERY IMPORTANT. You MUST listen if you want to improve your ability to make money online. Don’t sit on e-mails for hours, but decide either to read or delete. When you have read the e-mail decide whether to reply or whether to delete. Don’t wait or move your decision forward. You HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION NEEDED TO MAKE A DECISION NOW, so make it!

There are, of course, situations that MAY require your careful consideration before making a reply, but that only happens in very few circumstances. Therefore, making a conscious decision to make your e-mail handling much more effective can seriously add to the amount of time you can spend actually concentrating on making money online.

In the beginning you might fall back to old ways and habits, but you MUST make a conscious move to change away from this so you can develop the full potential of your business venture.

Carpe diem. 🙂

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