Google Did It — You Can Too…

Google can today celebrate their tenth anniversary, and I found their graphics of the day very beautiful and inspiring.

Small Beginnings

When the two students from Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, started their search engine there were quite a few large ones. Personally, at the time, I used AltaVista quite a bit, yet both AltaVista and Yahoo found themselves way back in line once the simplistic browser Google appeared. Part of their success has no doubt been the very “clean” appearance of their website when you land on the front page of the Google search engine. Also the speed of searches was far superior to all the other search engines.

The genius of starting something when you have a far better idea than the existing ones IS the one that paid off.

What You Can Learn From Google

What you can learn from Google and the small beginnings is that YOU TOO COULD SUCCEED. You need to throw in a good deal of enthusiasm, vision, joy, content (good articles), and stick-to-itiveness, but you CAN succeed.

Why be afraid of hitting that line of gold? You don’t have to be. Au contraire, you should consider working even more focused towards your goal of building your own business, and what begins in your little study or garage may end up being a multi-million dollar business.

Carpe diem. 🙂

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