The Difference Between Learning and Acting

There is a big difference between learning and acting. When you LEARN you are taught the information tha could CHANGE your life. When you ACT you take ACTION upon what you have learned. That lesson SHOULD have be clear to anyone in internet marketing.

But still, you need to ask yourself the questions:

  • Why isn’t it clear to so many people?
  • Why do some people never quite get it?
  • Why do they bother reading what they will never act upon anyway?

In short: What IS, exactly, the point in getting to know what you COULD do to change your life when you aren’t doing anything about it?

That, dear readers, is the difference between winning and losing. Take action, and begin on your quest towards economic independence. Begin investing just half an hour each day, and see what happens. You might have five articles on a new blog, or taken action upon some e-books, whatever suits you best.

But take action, and leave a comment on friday when you have changed course. I would LOVE to hear from people who rock the boat and make a difference.

Be a winner – not a whiner! Yes, YOU can! Carpe diem. 🙂

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