Buzz Words or Big Turnover?

You may wonder about the title “Buzz Words or Big Turnover?”, but actually this is a reflection of some of the buzz words that dominate the world of internet marketing. People CLAIM large turnovers as validity that their methods work. Implying you should follow them and share part of the cake.

What if there is an even BETTER method?

Have you ever wondered if there was an even BETTER method than the one currently being used? A method that would generate a far bigger turnover instead of lots of buzz words leaving you penniless? Probably not. Many follow in the footsteps of others, and – quite logically – end up far behind those they follow. The world of internet marketing is somewhat like an “old boy network”, a lodge of internalized buzz word freaks that run around padding one another on the back telling each other how clever they are and promoting one another’s products at nauseum. If you haven’t read the e-book “Making Sense of Internet Marketing Chaos” you owe it to yourself to read it. It’s free.

Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages etc

There are some who claim that landing pages with an extra offer sell even better than having a recommendations iframe. I beg to differ. When I have bought an e-book it annoys me VERY MUCH when I have to wade through six to ten screens of information before I get down to the “No thanks, please just let me download my product”, and I KNOW I’m not the only one who feels like that. I personally feel it’s like dragging someone who’s just bought from you towards an extra income.

A practical example: Let’s say you had a shop. When your customers came in to get their morning newspaper and a litre of milk for breakfast would you ever consider dragging them towards the freezer to sell them an ice-cream and some flour, and by the way some yeast also to bake an extra bread? Such an idea would seem ridiculous to you, and you would intuitively know that such a method would NOT work. Why, then, believe that it would somehow work just because some poor guy just spent money on an e-book?

Why not thank your customer for buying from you, kindly deliver the ink and THEN – perhaps – a friendly recommendation below your link. Customer service deals with SERVING your customers FIRST – not how to sell them extra products to the point that they give up and go elsewhere.

So, next time smart ideas are presented to you, remember to think first. You will make more money when seen long-term when people find you are a person with integrity who deals well with your customers. It’s not a claim, but a fact of life. Mutual respect will surpass any trick of the trade any day, whether you believe it or not.

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