Google Magic Formula

You will learn how to manipulate each of the secrets revealed in the Google Magic Formula into your own powerful profit engine that’ll blow away YOUR competition.

This isn’t the same old stuff that will leave you frustrated and get you nowhere. You will come to understand things like:

  • Why being on the first page of Google isn’t enough anymore. This will shock the AdWords and SEO “expert” out there… but you’ll make out like a bank robber with no police pursuit.
  • Why a lot of websites become total trash. This makes prospects flee at first glance, no matter how good your ads are.
  • Why “keyword density” is such a useless bandwagon… and why the real PPC experts have jumped off it.
  • Why going with the latest fad or trend, be it product promotion or site creation, will only drain your wallet and frustrate your brain!
  • Why any advice that tells you to avoid starting with affiliate products is bunk. Starting with affiliate products really is your best bet, bar none, and you will learn the reason for this.
  • Why starting “slow and steady” could kill you. It sounds so smart, but it’s SO wrong.
  • And the above points are just the tip of the iceberg. Everybody’s results will be different when they use the Google Magic Formula, so though noone could guarantee you’ll make $X or $Y with this, it is certain that your income potential is vast.

    Carpe diem. 🙂

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