Don’t Do As Everybody Else…

Sometimes, it pays to do things differently. Rather well, also. The funny part of it being that it took some time to get things started, and as everything is being set into place the wheels are turning FASTER than ever before. Webshop is down, all products being moved around and sites moved back and forth, and things are IMPROVING…. Seems like it was impossible, right?

Wrong! 🙂

The fact of the matter is that when we do things just like everyone else things don’t work. One of my favourites among blog writers recently reminded me of that fact. I had started a process on sheer gut feeling, and that was the best decision ever.

Ever thought of how much TIME you spend just to MAINTAIN, KEEP UP WITH and adjust updates? All in all that adds up to literally hours taken out that hinder you from being creative….. Why would you keep doing that? It would be crazy. TIME is the one commodity we all get in equal amounts, and it’s high time to listen when someone tells you that you can do FAR BETTER.

Stay tuned. I will write more on that aspect of online business in the weeks ahead. 🙂

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