MacOS X Lion Has Arrived

The MacOS X operating system has been updated. Lion has arrived on the scene, and there are tons of new features – as you can read directly on Apple’s website.

This screendump shows some of the marvelous features of MacOS X Lion

Over 250 new features according to the Apple website. Selling for under 40$ in Denmark – and truly worth every cent when you read the description.

Confused About E-book Formats?

Are you confused about e-book formats? What fits the Kindle from Amazon, what fits the iPad – and which format should you choose when you’re going to publish for people who use iPhones or iPods? This subject is one that confuses many, and numerous publishers already publish in varied formats.
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iPhones For Both of Us

My wife and I were finally sick and tired of our cellphones. First we tried Nokia 2730, which didn’t quite meet our expectations, so we tried Sony Ericsson W20i (Zylo) – but this didn’t work well either. Finally, we made the only sensible decision we could ever have made all year: we decided to order an iPhone 4 each.
She is getting the iPhone in white, and I am getting the iPhone in black.
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Considering an iMac

I must admit I am falling in love with the idea of the 27″ iMac. A couple of years ago I saw one of these lovely machines down at our friend’s house in France. My main concern was power usage. I had long ago converted all computers into laptops/notebooks thinking that this would be ideal from the perspective of power consumption.
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New Products All the Time

Apple has indeed been a very innovative company. Their iPod Touch now has a camera, their iPhone was recently updated with even better functionality, and the iPad didn’t get old before the iPad 2 came on the scene. Innovation is expensive, and the question is whether it’s always a good idea to introduce new products before original ones have really penetrated the market.
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Big Businesses – Dangers in Becoming Too Big

Big businesses are often vulnerable. Once they become big businesses, something strange tends to happen. We saw it with Big Blue (IBM), we’ve seen it with Microsoft, and probably we are also seeing the trend entering the Apple business.

The distance between clients and corporate leadership becomes too big.
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Apple Warranty Not Okay in Denmark

As I have recounted before, Apple warranties of one year in Denmark are NOT okay. There is a legal requirement to provide two years of warranty to even call it a warranty.
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Apple Products Rock!

There is no doubt about the fact that Apple products rock. A few days ago I became the lucky owner of an iPod Touch when a colleague of mine got his brand-new iPhone 3GS. As all blog readers know, I am an avid fan of Apple products, and as I get to know their various programs I become more and more impressed.
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Wondering What To Do With an Apple Classic?

Have you been wondering what you could do with an old Apple Classic you put down in your basement many years ago?
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Apple Has a Customer Service Problem Indeed

Apple has a customer service problem indeed. We have had our share of problems in getting Apple to recognize the problem with the front of one MacBook 13″ – as recounted here previously. You can read about it in the article Limited Warranties.
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